No! Not on that please!

No! Not on that please!

Alta (me) enters the room in order to continue her project.

Alta: Time to get the accordion book fini-

Alta: Hey! What are you doing?!

Dooby: Huh?

Alta: You’re stepping on my project!

Alta: And you made quite a big mess in my room!

Dooby: I-I totally didn’t know that that paper is your project.

Alta: Thanks a lot, “dude”.

Alta: You just ruined my project.

Dooby: It doesn’t totally looked ruined to me, dudette.

Alta: When I call it ruined, then it’s ruined!

Alta: Clear?

Dooby: Er..

Alta: Speaking of which, what are you even doing here? I don’t see anything from you that can compensate with this dilemma I am seeing right now.

Dooby: I was, like, looking for a totally silent place to meditate and get in touch with the universe. I totally have no intention to mess up your room like a category 5 hurricane, Alta.

Alta: I understand your religion and such, but you don’t have to make a big mess just to find a quiet spot. Nobody was even in this room when you were looking for one! I mean, would your rituals should take a few hours to be accomplished?

Dooby: Well, maybe….depending on what the universe owes from me.

Alta: This is out of this topic, but how can you justify yourself for ruining my project?

Dooby: I’ll, like, totally make a new one for you.

Alta: You’re too tiny. I don’t want to make you work hard, even though that your gender states that you should. But the point is that that was MY project, so I should be the one to work on that. Besides, the messes around here are by accident, right?

Dooby: Oops. I totally forgot to mention that I was chasing after large, black pests with long antennae.

Alta: Cockroaches?!?!?!

Alta then absconds!!!!!!

Just something that serves a little humour… 🙂